Wedding day tips for Grooms

Gents, this blog post is for you! So make sure to take note, save it for some inspiration or send it to someone who needs to remember these tips for their wedding day.

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Let's get too it..


1. Details - Prepare some details that you would like to be photographed on the morning of your wedding day. This can include rings, fragrance, shoes, cufflinks & any jewellery like a watch. I like to call this, a details box, and it's always nice if you and your partner have one each to be photographed on the morning of your wedding day. Details are something that I love to capture as when you look back on your wedding photos, you can remember all the little things which made up your day.

2. Shirts - You’re going to need two of them. Get yourself a second shirt to change into for the later part of your day. Changing will help you feel nice and refreshed and ready for the evening ahead! This especially applies to you if you're getting married in the Summer. Spending all day outside, mingling with guests, couples shoot, speeches - trust me, it's a long day and freshening up will feel great.

3. Ties/ buttonholes - If you’re not sure already, learn how to do your ties & buttonholes before your day so you can help your fellow groomsmen put them on.

4. Leave plenty of time. We all know that you’ll get ready a lot faster than the ladies, however it can sometimes feel a bit rushed if you don’t leave enough time. You might think you only need 15 minutes to get ready, but realistically you’ll want to not feel rushed and better yet, if you have more time on your hands, that’s more time for a drink with the lads after.

5. Pockets - Remove EVERYTHING from your pockets. The last thing you want is photos throughout your day that show your phone and wallet bulging out of your pockets! This applies to your groomsmen too.

Last but not least... This is your big day, so make sure to have fun and spend time with those closest to you - incorporating fun things to do on your wedding day can be a great way to spend time with the lads.

Bridal party shoots are something I love to do with both groomsmen and bridesmaids, where we go off for 15 minutes as a group and everyone can just let their hair down, play some music and have a laugh together - if this is something you’d love to do, make sure to discus this with your photographer.

Thank you for reading through my top wedding tips for Grooms.

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