Planning your wedding? Here's my ceremony top tips..

Are you currently in the stages of planning your wedding and looking for the best tips in order for your day to run as smoothly as possible? You're in the right place!

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Bridal party: 

Make sure you have communicated with your bridal party exactly what their role is for the ceremony before the wedding day. Which includes, letting them know where to stand or sit, as well as your entrance song and at what point they should start walking. My top tips for this would be to tell them to space themselves out, walk slowly and smile looking up. 


Get a member of your bridal party to take your bouquet. Most people don’t want to be holding their bouquet of flowers throughout the whole ceremony, as they feel better connected to their loved one when holding hands. It allows you both to feel more connected in the moment. 

Face to face:

This sounds really obvious, but make sure you're facing each other for your ceremony. Some weddings I have experienced the couple have their backs to their guests, which makes it extremely difficult for sometimes me to capture the ceremony, as well as guests to see what's going on.


If there’s empty chairs just before your ceremony and they aren’t dedicated to the bridal party, dedicate your bridesmaids/groomsmen to fill up those chairs! The last thing you want is to be walking down the aisle with empty seats and have photos of chairs that are empty. 

Have a plan B:

If you’re planning your ceremony to be outside, sometimes here in the UK, weather can be unreliable, even in the summer months. Choosing a wedding venue that has both an outside space and equally beautiful inside space, means that you wont be disappointed when the day comes if you need to have your ceremony inside. 


Go big, or go home! I love a confetti shot, they’re one of my favourites to do on the day as it’s always just so much fun! I especially love the new trend of getting confetti cannons for your first kiss - it just makes the moment even more magical! 

The Aisle: 

When taking your walk back down the aisle together, make sure to do a little celebration! It makes for a great photograph, and even doing a dippy kiss half way down the aisle is always fun and your guests will love it and cheer! 

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