Planning your dream Winter wedding?

Let's talk Winter weddings...

As we’re officially now out of Summer wedding season, I thought it was about time to bring a little highlight on winter weddings - if you’re currently planning your winter wedding there are some things you should know/ take into consideration.

  • Lighting - make sure you visit your venue during the season you’re getting married (this does apply to all weddings!) but in the Winter, it’s important to understand that the light won’t last forever! It gets dark super early, so you need to ensure you have a plan with your photographer to make time for the photos you want. It may also effect the time that you would like your ceremony!

  • Styling - As days can be quite dark, a firm favourite of mine is bringing the light indoors! So lots of fairy lights, candles and lanterns can transform your space into something truly magical.

  • Evenings - as we don’t get much light in the day, it’s always great to have something going on in the evening which makes for great photos - sparklers, fireworks, fire pits & glow sticks are firm favourites!

  • Weather - let’s face it, we can’t buy the weather, even in July! So you must be prepared for any weather conditions, and in the winter it can be cold and wet. I always have clear umbrellas that I take to wedding days with me as these can be a total life saver when it comes to your couple photos. However, it might be wise to consider a plan for your guests and bridal party in case you want photos outside.

I absolutely love photographing Winter weddings - its a chance for me to get super creative and I find them so romantic!

As my diary gets a little quieter during these winter months, I’m currently running a special offer until the end of this month for 2024/2025 winter weddings (Nov - Feb)- so please get in touch if you’re still looking for a photographer to capture your special winter wedding.